Building Interiors

OK, it’s time to continue on the interiors. I have a lot of them to do, but not too many to drown in them. Here’s the woodcutter’s cabin. One image with ENB, the other one without. I don’t think my ENB is very good at interiors.

Azura’s Watch: Alpha 01

OK, here we go with Alpha 01. It is now possible to explore the entire exterior area of the Island of Azura’s Watch. Much of it has high detail already; some areas need more work, especially in the eastern parts of the island. No interiors have been finished, except one, The Alcoholics Guild of Azura’s Watch. Most doors are useless at this point.

This Alpha is for those who are interested in giving feedback and/or just explore the environment of Azura’s Watch. It’s for testers. The ESP hasn’t been cleaned. There is no transport from Skyrim. You have to enter the island by the following console code: Cow AzurasWatch -8,-4.

If you do not want an unclean ESP or don’t know how to use the console, don’t download this early version of the mod, but wait until a later one. Install manually (like you always should – screw NMM) by placing the AzurasWatch.esp and AzurasWatch.bsa in your Skyrim/Data folder. You might also need the AzurasWatch.bsl (not really sure about that one – most modder’s don’t include their BSL’s). The mod was tested on another computer with vanilla Skyrim and was working well.


UPDATE: You also need this file. Throw it into your Data folder so it’s Data/LODSettings

I give no permissions to the mod as yet, of course, since it’s really in the starting stages. Don’t upload it anywhere else. That Mediafire link is the only legal. In the future, I’ll grant generous permissions. A TXT file with credits and thanks to those who produced the resources is included in the download.

Now I need a break. Maybe play some Oblivion, in fact. Have fun exploring paradise!




Aha, BSA!

Good news now. OK, so I tried packing my BSA again and this time it’s working perfectly. Just a missing mesh for a ship as far as I could see. There will be an Alpha release some time in the weekend for those interested in checking out the island exterior.


Here’s today’s screenie. I changed my ENB into Serenity ENB. Look at that water with those shadows below the ships. Yeah, baby. The vanilla boat is the boat from Skyrim, on which the player will arrive. The other ships should look more Oblivion/Cyrodiil, since the colony is Cyrodiilic Imperial. I’m still missing a model for a proper shipwreck of Oblivion design though. If anyone knows of a good shipwreck modder’s resource, please tell me.

BSA Problem

OK, I’ve hit a problem with generating BSA’s for Azura’s Watch. BSA files are great, because I can pack down all the resources I use for the mod in one compressed file. This means my mod won’t overwrite anything on the end user’s computer or mess with their Data files directory, as opposed to just packing down my mod with loose files. At this point, it might not even matter, but in the end, I’d really like to work with BSA’s.

The problem with my BSA is that when testing it on my wife’s computer, the Distant Land LOD won’t show up in-game. It’s obviously not read from the BSA. If I pack the LOD separate, the rest of the resources in the BSA won’t show up instead. It’s a dilemma.

Geezus! And it’s too hot for me to think straight right now. It’s like 40 degrees Celsius around here and I can’t stand the heat. I mean, I can take it in my tropical mod, but not in real life. Gonna leave you with a screenshot again. Cheers.


Oh, by the way. All my screenshots are done with the Seasons of Skyrim ENB. I’ll make some vanilla screenshots later on too, to show how the mod looks in an unmodded, vanilla state of Skyrim. From what I saw on my wife’s machine, Azura’s Watch looks pretty good vanilla too!

A bit of Morrowind again

Morrowind 2014-07-22

Right now, I feel a need to play old Morrowind. I remember back in the day when Morrowind was new (like 2005 or something) and I had a crappy computer and I spent an entire summer with it. Took me ages to load each cell and I had serious lag, summer days were steaming hot and the sun reflected irritatingly in my 800×600 screen. What a wonderful experience! I was hooked, and that was before I even discovered its thriving modding community. I still have the CD, but I also picked it up on Steam. They’re having a sale at €4,99. In fact, all the Elder Scrolls games are on sale right now, so go get yourself Morrowind or Oblivion right now if you don’t have them.

Morrowind can be modded pretty substantially to rival modern games in looks and behaviour. In the screenie above, I have several mods active, among others MGE XE, which allows for distant LOD, shaders, Depth of Field and other graphics goodies. Also, it’s widely considered the best Elder Scrolls game ever, and I tend to agree with that. The modding atmosphere was simply awesome, and it’s actually still going quite strong. Morrowind is the prime example of a game living forever only because of its modding.