Music for Azura’s Watch?

The music in Daggerfall was astounding, although only in midi format back in the nineties. It was written by Eric Heberling and all the pieces had weird names, like the one I’m going to play here, G_Snow_B. When I started Frontier, I got permission by Dan Goodale to use his remixes of Daggerfall music in my mod as well as in any videos I would create about Frontier. He said something like that he made the remixes for modders like me to use. I was very happy, because I had already been having his remixes on my harddrive for a long time and even listened to them when I created Dibella’s Watch thinking that I might add them to that mod as well at some point. Actually, I listened to the following piece of music when I killed Lord Scarley, if someone remembers that episode from DW, and this is G_Snow_B.



I’d now like to include some of these excellent remixes by Dan Goodale of Eric Heberling’s Daggerfall music in Azura’s Watch as well. That G_Snow_B is kinda like a theme song already in my head. Dan Goodale also converted many other of the Daggerfall songs. Some of them could be used for immersion in taverns, shops and public areas. We’ll see. Music needs to be converted into OGG format for Skyrim, I believe, but I need to do some more research on it.

Morrowind Paintings

Morrowind 2014-08-04

OK, I’m gathering a few screenshots to make into paintings in Azura’s Watch. I want a lot of paintings, because the Colony is Cyrodiilic Imperial, and as we all know, they love paintings in Cyrodiil. Wonder why the artform never broke through in Skyrim though! Morrowind is still a very beautiful game. Just look at it! I wish it had looked like this back in the day when I played it to death in what, 2005-07? Back then I had a crappy computer that could barely handle it. View distance was limited. I couldn’t even see Vivec City from Ebonheart, if you know what I mean. Ah, thanks to the Morrowind Graphics Extender, we now have both Depth of Field and greater View Distance. Lovely. Now I’m going to do some Oblivion screenshots too.


I’ve been working all day with the CK. Not a single crash! It actually seems like the CK crashes randomly during sessions when I add many new resources.I’ve tested this out now. During today’s session, I’ve not added a single new resource. I’ve only decorated interiors and done NavMesh.

Sometimes I get an empty mesh exclamation mark when trying to load a model for the first time in the Rendering Window. This is a common glitch, solved by pressing F5 and your model loads properly. The crashing CKĀ  problem when adding new models, probably has something to do with that. From now on, I’m going to restart the CK after I’ve added resources to my mod to avoid crashing. Wow.


EDIT: OK, so just after writing this, I tested it out. I added some paintings Tamira sent me, and poof, ten minutes later, the CK magically crashes! It hadn’t crashed all day until that. My theory is true! The Skyrim Creation Kit always crashes shortly after adding resources, ie new meshes in conjunction with having to reload the render window using F5.