CK Coming Tuesday

Yay! Finally Bethesda gives us a date for when the CK will arrive. Pete Hines tells us on his Twitter that it will be Tuesday next week (February 7, 2012) and that we’ll also get a surprise along with the CK. It’s been speculated that this will be a High-res texture pack of some sort.

In the meantime, I get to plan the backstory of Frontier some more. I’m glad to finally have a date when the real work can begin though. Work on Frontier will probably commence after I’ve familiarized myself enough with the CK. I will create some smaller mods first. More on those later.

On another note, I also chose a symbol for Lindumshire. Lindum is the town which the player will rule. The shire is found to the north, bordering on both Orcish and Nord tribes, so it should make for an interesting strategic location. I chose a Celtic Cross.

The Lindum Cross

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