Suggestions are Welcome

Any suggestions you might have as to what you’d like to see in Frontier are welcome. I have already gotten some ideas from readers that I want to implement, so I am very much open to new ideas. Right now, I maintain five forum threads on some of my favourite Elder Scrolls forums, and you can easily shoot me a message on those forums, if you don’t want to comment on the blog.

These are my current threads. I check them all regularly. The Official Bethesda Forum, TesAlliance, Fliggerty, SkyrimNexus and Wolflore.

5 responses to “Suggestions are Welcome

  1. I’ve got some ideas for quests that might suit things.

    1. I thought a sort of ‘Rumour’ could be written for local bartenders to tell of a mysterious group of wild men in the Northern most reaches of the Frontier, a sort of Forsworn type people, only MUCH more brutal and A LOT less civilized.

    (Even less than the Forsworn is hard to imagine I know, picture these sort of guys from ‘The Eagle’

    The player could be sent to investigate the wild barbarians and quests could emerge from that, maybe, depending on who they meet first, the player might be asked to eradicate the threat. Personally I’d have it so that, unlike the Forsworn, they didn’t have any kind of civilized cause about them, I’d make it so that they were pure mindless savages who kill anyone purely because they’re outsiders and there is NO reasoning with them.

    2. Here’s a simple one I thought of entitled ‘The Missing Captain’, essentually this quest would be designed to encourage the player to explore outside of Anvil Nova, which I’m assuming is where the player would start off, the player would simply either pick a rumor, or talk to the local town watch commander, who would inform them that a local captain from the town guard has gone missing in the wilds on a patrol or some such task, in which case his last known location would be given to the player, the player would locate a scribbled note perhaps, stating the intentions of the captain being to head to a location north, and basically the player would (in my mind) eventually locate the captains severed head on a pike, the point being it would introduce, not only the player to the brutality of the Frontier, but also the opposition of the Nord tribes to the Imperial expansion of Anvil Nova.

    3. ‘The Boundries of Love’ Here’s one which is a bit different to anything I’ve experienced in the Elder Scrolls, but here me out. Ok so the player, upon exploring the town of Anvil Nova, could meet a male NPC (perhaps the local goods merchant, ideally someone with a real job in town and not an aimless NPC), the player could be asked to meet this man in his house at night…

    …when the player meets the man he/she is then told of a night a few years ago when a mysterious and strange but beautiful woman arrived in town, the man fell for her and the two spent a night together before she disappeard…

    The man asks the player to investigate a letter he was given recently informing him that he had a daughter and that the woman he spent that lone night with wasn’t what she seemed.

    The player would follow clues and instructions, talk to NPCs about what the know etc… and eventually the player would find themselves in a cave/cabin in the wilderness, where they would meet a young girl, a young girl who is also a vampire (well half-vampire *Realise what’s happened?*) and the girl explains that her mother was hunted down, the decision of who hunted down by either the Vigil of Stendarr, or maybe the Order of the Virtuous Blood. The girl would explain she survived because, due to her being the spawn of a man and a vampire, she was able to age and could sustain herself of food (she would still have the appearance of a vampire (Babette for example) although in Skyrim the difference in appearance is small anyway.

    The last part of the quest I’m picturing would be explaining the situation to man in Anvil Nova, and then either bringing the girl back to be with her father (a bit difficult to get past the whole sunlight burning her in-game problem) or taking her father to live with her and bring her up, although I personally like the first option.

    SECRET ENDING FOR A MACABRE TWIST = The player could return after a certain amount of days to discover the man lying dead, upon inspection a message could appear stating he’s been drained of blood’ and the girl being no where to be seen…

    • Hey. Thanks for the ideas. There’s obviously potential there. So far, I’ve only really thought about the Main Quest, which I have pretty much planned out already. I am going to have lots of smaller quests as well though, so thanks for the ideas. I especially liked the vampire/shopkeeper-drama and the twist at the end, which is a rather unique story.

  2. 1. Maybe is this an idea: a far away town is raided by those forest-dwellers, and you are asked to rebuild the town. But while you do that, by acquiring building materials (sewing wood etc.), you discover that the son of the chief of that village thinks it’s the right time to seize power and take control of the village. Then you must take sides between the son and his dad.

    2. You find a ship who ran aground on the shore, and you search inside for clues for what happened. Then you discover in the captain’s logbook that it’s been attacked on open sea by sea monsters, and the quest is that you must find the relatives from that captain to tell them what happened. It appears that he has one brother, and you find him out and it’s a very wealthy man, and very important in his village. For some reason you get to further investigate him and his past, and it turns out he is responsible for his brothers death. He was in debt because of his gambling addiction, and his brother had a quite valuable load on his ship. Turns out he has the power to summon those sea creatures (he has a amulet or some kind) and attack his brothers ship. His ship runs aground, he kills his brother and sells the cargo.

    3. Maybe some quest about that you marry a chief’s daughter because you helped him out for some reason (maybe you can link this with idea 1), and then after a while she disappears, and you get to search for her. You ask around and some people saw her wandering at night in the neighbourhood. Also there happens to be a murderer on the loose, because the people keeps finding bodies in the forest. And these killings happen each time when she is seeing outside, wandering around. They get suspicious and they think your wife is the killer. To prove them your wife isn’t, you shadow her one night and find out where’s she up to. You find out that she has a secret lover she is secretly seeing, but that’s not all. Turns out he is a werewolf, so the you get to choose if you kill that guy, or you let him live and find a cure for him, out of the generosity of your heart. But then you lose your wife, because she loves him. She never loved you.

    Maybe you can use some of these ideas. Let me hear what you think!

    • Hey. Thansk for the ideas. I will need inspiration for new quests when I start writing them. It may take a while still, but I’ll keep your ideas in mind. All ideas are good, but I especially liked the shipwreck-story. That one could turn out well. I like a bit of psychological drama too, so the gambling addiction one of the brothers had could also be developed upon. Keep the ideas coming if you come to think of more! 🙂

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