Morrowind was better!

This screenshot is dedicated to all us elitists who still think that Morrowind was the better game. Well, some things weren’t better at all. Remember that.

2 responses to “Morrowind was better!

  1. Bloody Cliffracers…

    Better game by far. I remember the first time I played Morrowind. As a firm DnDer I had just ocmpleted Baldurs Gate and NWN. Morrowind opened up a whole new range of RPG to me. Once the mods came online it became a game almost impossible to beat in terms of quality

    • The Morrowind modding community is still going strong too, which is very much impressive for such an old game and tells you something about the quality of the modding tools. Oblivion’s modding tools may also have been bugged to the bone, but it was really powerful and I think Oblivion will be modded for years to come as well. I hope they’ve corrected the issues in Skyrim’s CK.

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