Ranting about Modder Mentality

Some modders like to keep secrets. They keep hiding behind their big words, saying “hush-hush, this is my idea, don’t you dare steal it” and they even keep their resources to themselves. I see no reason why they do this since we’re not modding for money or personal gain in any way. Perhaps they’re in it for the download numbers or maybe they dream of a fancy job as the next Sid Meier or Todd Howard. Maybe they think it’s the professional way.

That is not going to happen here. With Frontier you will be able to follow the process from the very beginning. I will openly show you everything during the creation process, everything from simple ideas and lore to the creation of the land, and I will openly tell you about mistakes, bugs and errors. I will shamelessly show you screenshots of every phase of the modding process. And if you’re interested, and need help with anything I’ve done or am doing, go ahead and ask, and I will help to the best of my ability. Frontier is “Open Source” in every respect. You will be able to download and try it out in its every stage and I will release beta and alpha files for you to try when I get some useful stuff together.

If anyone creates a resource for Frontier, it will be published with full credits and thanks, and they will always be available for other modders to use in their own mods. Preferably they will be downloadable on the databases such as Skyrim Nexus.

I do not do it like this because I’m especially noble or good-hearted. I do it because I hope to inspire and I do it to defend the true modder mentality of sharing and helping that got me attracted to this business in the first place. There is nothing as immensely satisfying as when you see other modders use your ideas and follow your example. I also do it because I’m secure in my own ability and know that noone will ever create Frontier like I do. Open up, modders, and start sharing again!

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