Familiarizing myself

To get going with the CK, I’ve decided to begin by creating a small village in vanilla Skyrim. This is how I began modding Oblivion too, and building a village will teach me the basics of the CK and all the important stuff I need to create the Frontier later on.


The village will be named Primby and is situated in the Eastmarch area. I hope not too many other modders have found this place; I chose it very early on for my first village and have been calling this location “home” during most of my Skyrim playthroughs. Here’s a screenie of what I’ve done already. Not much, as you can see. Only a bit of new road, really and the removal of a few trees. I’ll be reporting on my progress as I learn and build more, and give you the download link later on as well. It will probably go up on ModDB, TesNexus and the Steam Workshop.

4 responses to “Familiarizing myself

  1. I would like to create a village also. I would like to name it Dark Hollow or something like that.

    • Skyrim gives the modder full control of everything from exteriors to interiors, down to details such as how the tables are set. House mods are also very popular and people create everything from small shacks to great castles. My Primby mod will also have a player house.

  2. Sounds good. I haven’t figured out how to build a house, that is, exterior and interior, and connect these two to each other. And then I have to find a good spot for my house….

    • I did that tonight. I connected an exterior and interior. I had no problems, but then again, I modded Oblivion before and it was quite familiar to me. Ima write a blog about the house and some other stuff right now, so stay tuned.

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