Fort Primby

So. Now I’ve begun designing the exteriors of my training village. The village is situated on an important trade route between Riften and Windhelm, ans its economy is based exclusively on trading. This is why the road and the village has to be protected by a garrison. I decided to design the small fortifications first of all.

This is a very small, but effective fort to protect the area. There are no interiors. The round tower is made up of one of the meshes you can enter without door and you can go straight up to the top of the tower. There’s a magnificent view up there. I added walls and a small wooden tower to create the feeling of a small castle yard as well, and there’s a forge and a stable too. No clutter as yet.

This is the absolutely first installation I create for Skyrim, and it was fun making and rather easy too. Now, I’m going to continue building the village. I need a few farms and an inn next. Cheers!



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