More work on Primby Town

I’ve been working some on Primby Town although I had some problems last night. Some of the meshes wouldn’t show up in the game, although I had them properly placed in the editor. No panic with that though, because I’ve seen others on the official Bethesda Forum having the same problem, which means we’re talking about it and that it’ll be solved soon. If it’s a bug of some sort, I bet Bethesda will fix it ASAP, because they’re obviously continually working on perfecting the CK.

So, with what I have right now and what I am able to to, I’ve further cluttered Primby a bit. There’s now a statue of Talos in the middle of town and some other features added to make it more beautiful. I’ve also added lighting that makes the town look really cool during the nights. It’s all very easy to build the exteriors and I’ve never had any problems with that. The tricky part is to create the interiors and link them to the outside world.

I created my first interior this evening therefore. I just copied and pasted the shop in Riverwood and created a new cell called Primby Tavern. I then set the lighting (which is still too dark but OK) and tested. It works exactly as in Oblivion modding, so I had no problems. A great tip for beginners is to just copypaste an already existing vanilla interior into a new cell. You can move the furniture about after that to make it look unique. My own interior will demand a bit of work later on, since it’s going to be a tavern.

Linking doors is the tricky part and where many modders tire. Here’s some simple tips on how to do it: Double click the door and take a note of the ID number. Then go outside to your exterior cell and double click the door you want to linkt o the interior. Just tick the box teleport and choose your interior cell in the dropdown. Then choose the door with the number you took note of in the second dropdown (Reference). Click View Teleport Marker. Place the marker where the player is supposed to end up standing when he uses the door. Again, click View Teleport marker and place the marker on the other side as well. With a bit of practice, you’ll be a pro in no-time.

Right. Now I need to go watch some Star Trek Enterprise with my girlfriend. Happy modding!

6 responses to “More work on Primby Town

  1. Thanks for the tips. The screens are looking good. I’m going back to my house tomorrow, I want to first finish the tutorial. I think it’s just a matter of trying and build as many as houses, and asking for help to master the CK. Do you use existing house exteriors, or do you make new ones? And must the shape of the exterior be the same as the interior for that house?

    • I use existing vanilla meshes for now, but I’ll be adding new ones to Frontier later on, I bet. I’m picky when it comes to new meshes. They have to look just right. And no, the exteriors do not really have to match the interiors, but it does look better if they do. It’s a matter of choice. I prefer to have them match, but I can compromise too.

  2. This really looks beautiful, I especially like the statue of Talos, this post has actually inspired me to continue some modding of my own. πŸ™‚

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