Primby shaping up

This is as far as I got tonight. I met a few challenges, and had to go around them. It seems some of the vanilla meshes won’t show for some reason and I couldn’t use the buildings I had wanted in some cases. Primby looks nice enough though. Tomorrow night, I am going to make it look better. Here’s a view from the top of the guard tower, overlooking the village as it is now.

2 responses to “Primby shaping up

  1. This is nice. I don’t know if you intended it but its very much like a real frontier town that may have sprung up in western Canada. Everything isn’t lined up and perfect.

    Thanks for putting the effort/time into posting on this blog.


    • Thanks! This isn’t the Frontier mod proper yet, but I’m building this as my first learning project in vanilla Tamriel. You’ll be able to download this town later on and visit it near Riften to see how I’ve done it. This is quite like the stuff I’ll be creating for Frontier later on as well though. And yeah, some of the inspiration is taken from real life; the American frontier, for an example. 🙂

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