Today’s Missions

I haven’t really had time to mod properly, and with “properly” I mean a 24-hour session with hard, sweaty work. I haven’t been able to do this because of some exciting RL stuff that has taken my attention. The days since the CK was released have been quite hectic, but the CK has been my rest in the stress and I’ve still been able to do some impressive stuff already.

Yesterday, I did some work on the Navmesh. Navmeshes are needed to specify where NPC’s can walk and move and where they cannot. It was a lot harder than in Oblivion, but I got the hang of it, I think. I also did a couple of new interiors for the mod and continued cluttering the exterior to make it feel like a real village. It’s all in the details.

Today, I am going to create more interiors for my village and hopefully finalize most of them, if not all. I am going to create them from scratch. I am also going to breathe life into my first NPC’s, which is going to be exciting. One of my favourite parts of Oblivion modding was creating characters and making them come alive by giving them daily routines.

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