AI Packages

Setting up AI Packages is just as fun as in Oblivion. I haven’t quite got the hang of all the new functions in Skyrim yet, but I’ve made my Lorma chop some wood and then go into the town centre to “act suspiciously”. By God. He does stuff on his own too, like stops by the barking dog to tell him “Stupid dog!” The feeling of accomplishment when you get your NPC’s to act and behave as you want and seeing your town come alive!

Lorma checking out a babe in-between the woodcutting.

6 responses to “AI Packages

  1. This is interesting. I shall invite myself to your residence one day for yet another inspection of Skyrim.

    • Thanks! I used to be quite a blogger a couple of years ago, and I took it up again with Skyrim, since I like going into details and showing stuff about what I’m doing with my mods. Thanks for the encouragement πŸ™‚

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