I have stuff to show you

Yes. I have some pretty good stuff to show you. I worked on my Primby Town mod all yesterday and did some pretty shining stuff with it. I have done all the interiors now and decorated them to my own liking. I have also added some animals. I have cows, chicken, a goat and a dog inhabiting the town. You can’t believe the atmosphere they add, although the chicken are sometimes irritating.

I’ve also created my first NPC, the beggar Lorma, who lives in the Lower Class Quarters house just at the edge of town. Today, I’m going to give him AI packages, because right now he’s only living at home, but he already eats, drinks, sleeps and sits. He needs to chop wood outside and do some drunken show-off during the evenings. I like creating lower class areas and character, because you can go wild when creating them. There’s no need to make it pretty or appealing.

Here are some screenies of yesterday’s modding. Now I’m going to start populating the town with more NPC’s. Oh, and the Player House is also pretty much undone. I don’t really know what to put in it yet. Manequins and storage areas, for sure though.

4 responses to “I have stuff to show you

    • LOL I named this one after a character I made in The Sims 3 once. I made that one just sit and watch telly all day and made him empty his bladder on the floor and stash his entire shack full of dirty dishes. It was something of the most fun I’ve had in a computer game. This Lorma is a Breton though, but even then, it’s a pretty unusual name. Bretons mostly have French-sounding names.

      • Ah, so he has a little background 😀
        It’s always fun to re-use characters from other games you’ve played.

        In the last screen he looks like a Dunmer. Lorma is more of a Orc name (Lorma gro-baghre or something like that, or a Imperial name.

        I want also to build a village, but you are way ahead of me because you modded in OBL and MW also. For me all is new. But I will succeed!

      • Yes you will. It took me years to get to the point where I’m doing this like I’ve never done anything else, and it’s still mostly new stuff with the CK as compared to the Oblivion CS. Having experience with the OB CS makes this a lot easier though. It just takes a bit of training and trial and error.

        Oh. And please post me the links to your own mods when you start releasing them. I’ll be happy to test and comment! 🙂

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