A Couple of CK Bugs

She was supposed to be the town beauty.

During this week of modding, I’ve encountered several important bugs in the Skyrim Creation Kit. I should really have been invited to join the Beta Testing procedure of this software, when that was underway, and some of them might have gotten rooted out earlier. But I was not.

The worst bug so far is the fact that LOD generation won’t work in the CK. The Creation Kit won’t generate distant landscapes needed for larger, new landmasses. The Heightmap Editor is also broken. The latter might be forgiven, the former must be fixed by Bethesda asap, because otherwise large landmass mods can’t be created and there can’t be any Nehrim-type mods for Skyrim. But no panic, peeps! There are masses of talented modders working on this and I bet Bethesda are too, so we expect a solution soon.

The first bug I encountered was disappearing meshes in-game. Some appear in the CK, while they just won’t appear while playing the game. This is also a very serious bug and needs to be fixed so we can start using the houses and rocks we want. Right now, my simple workaround in Primby was to use other meshes than the ones I initially intended.

I encountered a third one today in my mod. Facial textures do not match body textures for some NPC’s. I have mostly had problems with female NPC’s, while my males inhabiting Primby seem to be doing OK in that department. The two females I’ve created get greyish/dark facial textures (as seen in the terrible picture), while their bodies are OK. There’s also a neck-seam which looks awful.

Good news though. Bethesda is working on the bug, and at least concerning the last one, there’s been some official response on the Bethesda Forum. I hope they smash all of these bugs and the rest of them lining up on the unofficial buglist on the forum, and I hope they do it soon, because I can’t imagine myself releasing a mod to the public with these kinds of ugly grey-faced women.

6 responses to “A Couple of CK Bugs

  1. You’re not alone in hoping that Bethesda fix these bugs! I suppose on a positive look at it, it does give you more time to focus on other aspects of modding which you might need to learn for future development of the Frontier, small details are crucial I reckon.

    As always I’m watching this mod with a large smile on my face and any help required can always be requested from myself. Great work! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! And yep. I am focusing on learning the real basics of the CK right now, but I’m a fast learner and hope to start my grand new continents soon. That needs bugfixing though. On a bright note, I just read that people on the Bethesda forums have now found ways to workaround the heightmap and LOD issues though. It would be easier if Bethesda themselves fixed the broken features. Thanks for your comments πŸ™‚

  2. Well I hope they’re stil working on fixing it regardless of user workarounds. On another note, are you still making some more NPCs for Primby? I’m interested to see what more characters you can think of making, since Lorma has made for some interesting screenshots. πŸ˜›

    • Yep. I’m still creating them. I have several more to create, but right now I have Lorma, a barmaid, a smith (who sells and buys stuff), three guards and a guard lieutenant. I also have animals. I have a dog named Winston in the centre of town, who’s quite a personality. All my NPC’s seem to dislike him for his barking. I am slowly populating the town and I’ll show them off as I create more of them. Creating NPC’s is the best part, in my opinion, and I enjoy every bit of it πŸ™‚

  3. Id like to add my offer of help to Sky999’s though I have no idea how t mod but if you need help maybe in writing short books or notes for the Mod I may be able to help

    • Now there’s a good idea. I will need books and notes and other deatils like that. For Dibella’s Watch for Oblivion, I had planned a whole library of books for my new continent, but I never got around to writing more than the major works on the continent’s history and lore. To make the continent of The Frontier come alive, I will indeed be needing loads more. I will have you in mind when I start adding those kinds of things. I think it’s best if that phase comes somewhere during beta testing so you can all check out some of the locations and the landscape of the mods and base your stories or other things off that.

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