Power to the People!

The people of Primby are all coming to life. Creating just one NPC is a lot of work though, so I am slowly adding them. Tonight, I’ve been doing the shopkeeper and his wife, as well as the tavernkeeper. With this workpace, I’ll be ready to release a first version of the mod to the public. If all goes well, I’ll give you a beta version of Primby Town in the weekend. I can iron out the stuff that bugs me later on, because they’re not game-breaking in any way.

The thing that irritates me the most is still the fact that face textures and bodies don’t match. Remember the town beauty I showed you in an earlier post? Here’s a picture of her in the CK and how she’s supposed to look. No word from Bethesda on this yet, unfortunately. Since it’s purely cosmetic, though, and not game-breaking, I’ve decided that the mod can indeed be beta-released with this bug still in place if they don’t decide to correct it before the weekend.

I have all the important NPC’s up-and-running, but I really want to create an Argonian too. I am aware that there’s another CK bug involved with creating Argonians. Obviously their faces don’t show up in the editor at all, making them impossible to edit, but I’ll give it a try anyway.

2 responses to “Power to the People!

  1. I checked out the Argonian bug, there does seem to be an easy workaround though, just edit things and view the changes by ticking ‘full’ instead of ‘head’, it worked for me.

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