The Argonian

Not too much modding tonight, unfortunately, but at least, here’s the Argonian I talked about last night. The Argonians have been looking awful in every Elder Scrolls game up until Skyrim. Now, they’re the coolest looking of all the races, I believe.

5 responses to “The Argonian

  1. Nice! Argonians are definately one of the coolest races in the game, what I personally also think Bethesda deserve recognition for is the fact they didn’t put too many of them into the game, by doing so they’ve made it that when you do actually see an Argonian NPC, it’s quite a treat.

    Does this guy have a name yet?

    • You’re right about that. There are not too many of them around. My favourite one is the Argonian female who stands down by the dock at Solitude and threatens the player with stabbing him when he comes near. 😀 I named my Argonian “Tija”.

  2. Deeja is involved in the quest Lights Out! you fight her then and I believe she fights with a sword not a dagger but I might be wrong, her brother is harder to get to though.

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