Modding all day

I’ve been working on my Primby Village mod all day, and I am going to release it tomorrow. There are still a few things to be done. During my recent playtest I noted that my trader and my smith weren’t selling their goods anymore all of a sudden. I don’t know what’s up with that but I need to check it tomorrow.

I’ve done the player house. It’s supposed to be a nice starter home with nothing inbalancing at all in it. It looks nice enough, but there are still a few tweaks to that to be made and a few things to be added. Furthermore, I need to write a ReadMe and clean the mod as good as possible from dirty records. More about that important process later.

All villages with self-respect should also have a recorded history. So, I’ve written a book about it and added it in-game. Look forward to Beta Version 0.1 sometime tomorrow. It won’t be perfect (mainly due to CK bugs), but it will be as near perfect as I can do right now.

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