This is a good morning

There’s been an official confirmation from Bethesda on the bug I mentioned in the previous post. “A fix for the issue of .esp-based navmeshes reloading from the masterfile (or not at all) is in the works. This is getting addressed.“, Bethesda states on the official forum.

This is really good news. It makes a lot of us modders very much more at ease. On my part, it means continuing modding as before, releasing Primby village during this weekend and not stopping with just one mod for Skyrim, but going on to greater projects as well. Bethesda does care about its Skyrim being as perfect as possible. I bet they are also addressing the other bugs we’ve been reporting. It also means that they are indeed listening to us (actually Bethesda has proven that time upon time), which is rare for these kinds of super-game-developers.

But yay! Good morning to me. Now I need my coffee.

6 responses to “This is a good morning

  1. Good morning and good news indeed!
    I feared you might let go off Frontier – but modding it for Oblivion would be fine for me, too (indeed I like Oblivion more).

    So I am going to be an adventurer who walks the long road together with you. Let’s hope not to catch too much arrows to our knees. πŸ˜›

    • LOL Hey, Tamira. Yes, it looks like I will be having a lot of beta-testing for you in the future. I am really glad that Bethesda is creating a name for itself for listening to their crowd and acting upon problematic situations. πŸ™‚

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