The time after each release is what I call “No-Man’s-Land“. Everything goes quiet for a while and I’m always tired of modding and my own mod. I’m just happy to get it out to the audience and out of my face really. You should have heard some of the words I used about Primby Village today when testing it and everything was glitching and I had to fix stuff in a long row. Nonetheless, I love my mod and I’m proud of it. I’m just a bit tired of it right now.

So, while waiting for all the complaints to come in, I have something else to do. I’m going to get playing quite a different game from Skyrim, but a game that supplies endless inspiration for modding Skyrim, actually. It’s time for some Crusader Kings II, a highly recommended game fo anyone with even the slightest interest in Medieval history, and/or just want to get away from Skyrim modding with quite something different for a while. See you in a bit!

This is what I'll do now for a while. Phew.

4 responses to “No-Man’s-Land

  1. It does look tempting, I’ve just had too many bad experiences with buying HOI3 and Victoria 2, then getting bored with them in about half an hour and never touching them again, in saying that…if it comes down in price when there’s a sale then I might go ahead and buy it.

    A little freaked out by the fact, If I’m reading it right, those 2 kids look like they’re betrothed at age 5. =/

    • Crusader Kings is excellent. I liked Paradox’ Rome, but somehow found it too small in scope. This game is just perfect though. I play an hour or so every day, so I’m no hard-core player. It doesn’t look impressive or even fun, but the game creates a story in your head which is just awesome.

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