The Beta of Primby Village

I have finished the beta of Primby Village today and I’m currently trying to get it on SkyrimNexus. I am not very happy with the Nexus right now, because it’s obviously full of people again and just giving me white screens and Bad Gateways all the time. It’ll be there shortly though and I’ll post the link.

The mod is also already downloadable on the Steam Workshop. That was easy enough though. I’ve also posted it to ModDB. All download links will be on this blog when they’re ready. I’m just waiting for Nexus to let me do my stuff now.

Here are my official Primby Village Screenshots in the meantime.

EDIT: Here’s the Skyrim Nexus download link. Here is Primby Village on TesAlliance too.

14 responses to “The Beta of Primby Village

    • All saved games are found in Documents/My Documents/My Games/Skyrim/Saves. You just copy the save game you don’t want anything to happen to from there to a different location. I have my whole folder copied to a different location on the harddrive. If something happens while using or creating mods, I can just copy my save games back into My Games from there.

      I’ve had no problems with Primby and Saved Games, in fact, it works like a charm, but you never know, so it’s best to always save a backup.

  1. Well I have to say that you’ve done an amazing piece of work here! I absolutely love it! I walked into Primby at night, with the northern lights up above, and I just fell in love with it after seeing the Statue of Talos in the middle, the whole place just looks like it should have been in the game from the start.

    I’m not trying to boost your ego, but honestly Primby has a lot more of a realistic village layout and feel to it than a lot of the Bethesda made ones, the whole thing just looks like a proper little village, whereas some Bethesda villages don’t really seem to be designed in a way a village really would.

    On to other aspect of Primby. I started to look around at the various buildings within the village and they are really well done, the attention to detail really payed off, because in the end places like the Witch’s shop and the tavern really felt like they were places where potions were made and food was served. I especially like the slightly creepy way you’ve implemented the witch! I walked in and at first didn’t see anyone, then I noticed the hooded figure in the corner sitting expectantly on a chair…nice effect ha! Her book on the history of Primby was also nicely written! The only crticism I could find was that upon entering the shops a few items here and there were prone to falling on the ground, but it’s nothing that mattered.

    The local fort is also very nice, it’s refreshing to see a fort that isn’t gigantic like the vanilla ones, and it did feel like a logical design for defense as well.

    The NPCs all seemed to function perfectly, I gave a coin to the beggar, bought a potion from the witch and could talk to the Blacksmith while he worked, no problems to be found there.

    All in all it’s a great mod and one that hopefully gets the recognition it deserves, maybe one day we’ll see some nice quests revolving it to see the village become more alive!

    Excellent work!

    • Thanks for the feedback! I’m really glad you enjoyed it. You’re right about the vanilla villages. I think only Riverwood and possibly Ivarstead are really atmospheric, while the other villages are kinda bland. So I went for the Riverwood-look. I will be contiuing to build Primby. The next on the agenda is actually to create an interior for the round tower of the fort and deploy the guards there, and I was also thinking about doing some catacombs or cave system or something going under the village. but again, thanks for the comments. I’m glad you thought it was worthwhile and liked it! 🙂

  2. Ummm a secret vampire living under the village in a catacomb would be an interesting twist, or something like that.

    One thing, it’s not a criticism I’m just curious, I noticed that the town captain (can’t remember her name) looked sort of like a Redguard, is that part of the skin texture issue you were having?

    • Yep. It’s the grey-face texture issue. I seem to experience it mostly with the females, but the Orc in the tavern is another good example. The barmaid is the worst though.

  3. Ahhh okay then, I wonder if the devs are working on a fix for it….

    I actually thought that the Orc was deliberately given that skin colour, it’s kinda cool actually, a purpleish Orc, I kinda thought I was in Lord of the Rings for a second. 😛

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