No Complaints

Well, there weren’t any complaints about my Primby Village mod. Rather the opposite, I’ve gotten some great feedback. The download numbers are still suitably small, which is really great, since this is a beta release. People actually seem to read the written material I’ve published, and that’s a good sign for continued Skyrim modding.

The only thing I got a report about was one user having trouble with grass hanging over the ground in the village. Other modders have been having trouble with this as well. Grass is shown hanging over the ground inthe CK and not in-game anc vice-versa. I have hanging grass in the CK, for sure, but most players haven’t seen it in-game at all, including my own lucky self. The bug seems to strike on some systems, while not on others. It seems to be a CK bug, and nothing to be done about yet, but I’m investigating it and will start bugging Bethesda about it soon.

So. I will start updating the mod tonight. The Fort tower needs more guards, and an interior, and perhaps I can also start creating that underground dungeon/catacombs I was talking about. There will be surprises in there, and I hope to make it like a deadly maze, full of suitable loot and enemies to have a go at.

Primby is Companion friendly. Denah and Mjoll in Primby Village.

2 responses to “No Complaints

  1. Nice the underground dungeon sounds really interesting! Plus it’s getting more knowledge learned for The Frontier. 🙂

    • That’s right. I need to create many dungeons for Frontier later on, so this will be a good test. I am currently working on expanding the fort. Screenies later.

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