Doing the interior

I’ve started the interior of the new fort tower. The entrance of this tower should be at the top, while the rest of the interior goes down into the ground. It can be both fun and time-consuming to create and interior from scratch, building it slowly from the tiles Skyrim supplies us with. I chose to simply copy tiles from already existing tower interiors, and built upon that where I needed to close gaps and so on. Getting stuff to fit together with no gaps is hard. That’s why we have the “snap to grid function”.

After building the basics of the interior, you get to do the fun part – decorating it. Trying to create an interior that looks natural and like someone actually lives there and uses the space is creative and a true artistic process. This is supposed to be a garrison base slash barracks. I therefore created the barracks are, with the beds and eating areas downstairs, while the top floor will be the “office” and official reception area.

Tomorrow we do the NavMesh as well as a few new NPC’s, probably. I’ve decided to create a governor/mayor type of character for the town, and he would probably quite naturally be living in the fort as well. I might need to create separate rooms for him though. Right now, I’m going to end my modding for the evening here, since I’m in the patch beta, the latest patch just released and SKSE will need to update. And I have some Star Trek Enterprise to watch with my little lady in the meantime.

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