Beta 0.2 Released

I’ve released Beta 0.2 of Primby Village on Skyrim Nexus. It won’t appear on the Steam Workshop, and I’ve removed Primby from there altogether. Download from Skyrim Nexus here. I did not remove it from Steam Workshop because I dislike the SW, but because I want to concentrate the downloads to one location at this time and the Nexus is still the biggest ES-site. The final release of Primby will be back on SW.

Skyrim Nexus is giving me a hard time though. It was near to impossible to get the file over there today, and now I can’t get in at all to update the screenshots and ReadMe and whatever. Sigh. I wish there was a better and more reliable alternative, but at least they’re not shoving washing powder commercials down my throat these days as they used to.

Version History for Beta 0.2 of Primby village:

– Expanded the Fort. Outside and inside.
– Created five more NPC’s in the village.
– More features added to the Player House.
– Retextured and created the Griffin Banner.
– Reuniformed all the guards.
– Cleared some grass here and there.
– Made ownership on the smith’s chest.

14 responses to “Beta 0.2 Released

  1. Nice work, so far! I will test your creation later today and see how it plays. It’s cool to have some new content to play with, especially of this scale.

    Agree on Nexus. It’s pretty unbearable these days, but since there are no good alternatives, there’s not much to do than just bend over.

  2. Visited Primby today for the first time and what can I say antiscamp an excellent effort. Things looking good for Frontier. Blends in perfectly into the game and puts the vanilla villages to shame!

    • Thanks, man. I’m glad you like it. The Frontier will probably have several of these small villages, since I love creating stuff like this. I can’t wait to get started on the larger cities too. That’s going to be fun! 🙂

    • Thank you kindly. Now, I’m going to work more on the interiors. At least the Alchemist’s Shop needs updating into a really weird witch’s house, and I was planning to build an entire new house too, a bakery.

  3. I’ll download the new version when I can and check it out! Nice work!

    On a side note, have you thought about making any quests for Primby and its NPCs? It might be a nice way to practice for The Frontier?

  4. I’m checking it out right now, my main focus is the fort and it’s interior and wow! It has so much character! The statue of Talos inside the fort itself is absolutely perfect, it really emphasises the people of Primby as proud Talos worshippers! 🙂

    I also love the Khajjit prisoner, he fits in well with the lore and it’s just nice to occasionallly see a member of the beast races from time to time.

    Is it possible to add conversations between the NPCs? I don’t mean recording your own voice obviously, but is there not a list somewhere of generic conversational NPC dialogue? What I mean is, when you enter a location such as a bandit mine, there are often these conversations or even NPCs talking to themselves, who talk about things that aren’t specific to themselves such as ‘Join a guild he said…like I’m supposed to know which guild he was talking about’ and conversations like that, there might be some that fit in with the guards of Primby. Sorry if I didn’t explain that very well. The NPCs in other towns also seem to have generic dialogue about Dragons and such, so maybe there’s a way to implement that. Just a thought.

    • Thanks for the comments! Yeah, I’ve thought about the dialogue. At first I hated the Arrow in the knee-type dialogue, but some of those lines might suit Primby too, since the people are pretty quiet as it is.

  5. Just noticed the Primby Jailor walking continously into a bed next to a chair on the right of the Talos statue, must be a pathfinding (Navmesh?) issue.

  6. hi, first of all, really really good job on this town, fits in perfectly to the landscape, good use of space, and i love the shape of the whole town. now down to bugs first noticed… i think, but not sure, that the blacksmith’s chest is backwards. this doesnt seem to affect other people, but all the shrubbery, grass and groundcover are floating in the air, i used the nexus mod manager to install so i dont know what has gone wrong. honestly i wouldnt want primby to evolve into a city, maybe expand a bit and possibly add those walls like in riverwood and falkreath. and also just thinking about the town, most of the towns in the game have a purpose, some mining, some farming(im talking about the villages, not the cities) some even wineries. Primby doesnt really seem to have a purpose, i’d like to see a mine or farm put in somewhere, the town doesnt have to be centered around this but it would be nice to see the people actually doing things. i’ll look around it more on the weekend but top job! i will keep updating and i look forward to new content 🙂 keep going!

    • Hey. Thanks for the comments. if the grass is floating in the air, you’ve encountered a rare bug that seems to strike on certain systems. i don’t have it myself, and the majority of mod users don’t have it. Here’s the solution. As for a purpose of the town, I was thinking it’s a trading centre between Riften and Windhelm. The economy is centered around the trade along the road as well as supplying the fort, but there’s also a dairy farm producing cheese. The famous Primby Cheese has been supplied to the Jarls of Windhelm and Riften, but it’s said that even the Emperor has ordered and received a shipment. I have a book lying around about the town where you can read more about the town’s history and purpose. Thanks again for the comments, and no, I won’t be expanding Primby into a city, but there’s a few more interiors in the next release as well as an entirely new building in town. 🙂

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