Creating a Mega-City?

I was just thinking. My next goal should really be to create a mega-city in vanilla Skyrim space. I am making good progress on my Primby Village, and it’s looking more and more like a small town than a true village. My next project should logically be to create something similar but on an even grander scale than this, but yet smaller than the entire Frontier continent I will start later on.

That’s in fact how my Dibella’s Watch for Oblivion began more than a year ago. The initial idea was just that I wanted to create a mega-city, but it was actually fleshed out successively to involve an entire island.

And by Mega-City, I mean a real Mega-City. Type Solitude, but perhaps even larger than that. More NPC’s and interiors, but perhaps not more space territorially; I like to press things together to create shady back alleys and narrow streets, like it would have been in Medieval times. The idea would follow Primby’s criteria – to make something that would fit right into vanilla Skyrim. There should be high walls and city gates that take the player inside. Just an idea. We’ll see. There’s still stuff to do on Primby.

Dibella's Watch began as just one city and ended up being an entire island.

8 responses to “Creating a Mega-City?

  1. Ha I wish I’d known Dibella’s Watch was around when I started playing Oblivion, although that was when it was first released, or I would have definately checked it out. 😛

    • Wish I had begun DW back then. I can only imagine all the thing I could’ve done. It would have been the size of MERP, only finished. Ah, well. I have until Elder Scrolls 6 to do Frontier now. 😀

  2. Have you given consideration to possibly enhancing the current cities :D? Maybe not too excessively but like adding various districts to Solitude or Windhelm (for example Solitude doesn’t seem to have a “poor” side of town and everyone has a humongous house). Or maybe adding in a settled mountain cave network to Markarth with mushroom farms and what not :P.

    In any case I look forward to your future additions to skyrim ^^ the closer you can make it to having the seemingly unending amount of towns and cities that morrowind had, the better.

    • I loved Morrowind’s variation too. That’s why I also like your idea about mushroom farms, and I might do something like that in the future. I haven’t considered pimping up the existing cities of Skyrim though. There are a couple of mods that do that out there already though. Thanks for your comments! 🙂

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