More People and Places

No rest here. I am continuing with creating more people in Primby as well as creating new buildings and interiors. I’ve made an interior for the Governor of Primby. I haven’t created the governor himself yet though, but his seriously upper class quarters look pretty cool with a Dibella statue and even running water. Creating upper class environments is usually no fun, but this turned out OK.

I added a bakery too. Sugardaddy’s Bakery. Sugardaddy himself is the greatest womanizer in town and quite a character. Here are some screenies of the new environments. Sugardaddy’s Bakery from the CK, while the Governor’s Quarters was shot in-game.

The Governor's Quarters


Sugardaddy's Bakery

9 responses to “More People and Places

  1. I guess it’s not normal that the main street of the village is covered with floating grass? I’m not sure what gives, I even started a new game but to no avail, the grass is still there. Any ideas?

    The new screenshots look brilliant!

    • The floating grass problem is a rare thing that seems to affect some mod users and not all. It’s really irritating, because for some unlucky few, it seems to strike, while I myself and the majority of mod users don’t have the problem. It’s been discussed on several occasions on the Bethesda forum, and this seems to be the closest to a fix for you that I can find. Please report if it works, if you try it out.

      • It’s a miracle! It works! You’re a lifesaver. I simply added the lines suggested in the fix and all floating grass is gone. Thank you! The issue probably stems from messing with the Grass sections in the ini files, because the only grass related mod I’ve been using is Lush Grass, and that only alters the meshes.

        Anyway, finally I can enjoy your work. Love all the details you’ve put into the village, they really do make the village look a place that people actually live in especially when compared to the vanilla villages. By the way, I noticed that towards the south end of the village there’s a lantern that’s giving very weak light, probably a known issue?

        Keep up the good work!

      • That’s good news! I’ll write the man who put the post on the forum also to tell him thanks.

        Oh yes. I kept the light weak at the end of the village, since the area is lit by the nearby fire as well as another light down the road. Anyways, I’m glad you’re able to enjoy the mod. Version 0.3 should be out in no-time too. Thanks for the comments! ๐Ÿ™‚

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