Beta 0.3 Coming Soon…

I haven’t had any time for modding tonight, but I’m not concerned about that. I’ve already done so much new stuff since the last release that it warrants a Beta 0.3 release. I will have that ready some time during this week. I’m amazed that I’ve already managed to add such a lot of content in such a short space of time.

I just need to do a bit of polishing before release first, because I like to release my stuff as well-working as possible although it’s only Beta and I’m allowed to mess up. Many people download my stuff and just go ahead and use it although it’s Beta state and they never report any bugs or make any comments either. But that’s OK in my book too, go ahead and use the mod. I’m glad you do, and rest assured that I’m making an effort to keep the file versions as tidy as possible.

Here’s a teaser screenshot from Beta 0.3 featuring the interior of the Governor’s Quarters. I’m quite pleased with it.

6 responses to “Beta 0.3 Coming Soon…

  1. Yeah SKSE runs fine for me without the update. The reason people probably just use Primby and not post bugs is likely because there aren’t many bugs that they can see.

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