Floating Grass in Primby?

I need to add this here, so I can only referr to this post when people on the forums ask me about this specific issue. It seems to be the most common problem users have with the Primby Village mod. I will add this to the ReadMe from Beta Version 0.3.

3. FLOATING GRASS. If you experience grass hovering above the ground inside Primby Village, you’re one of those who have encountered a specific bug that does this. It seems to strike some players, while others, like myself, don’t have it. The solution is this:

Open up both Skyrim.ini AND SkyrimPrefs.ini and at the bottom of the [Grass] section add/alter this:




Then, in the skyrim installion folder open SkyrimEditor.ini and at the bottom of the [Grass] section add:



Source (Thanks to Somnyus for sharing!).

This is how the ground looks on my end. No floating grass here!

4 responses to “Floating Grass in Primby?

  1. that fixed the problem for me, thanks. also, i wanted to ask here, for the sake of not making another post, what’s the story with the primby home? will it be purchasable in the future?

    • Great news that this ini-tweak seems to fix this problem! I was thinking about adding a quest for the player to earn the home in the future. Right now, I’ve only thrown the key in the barrel outside the house. My thought right now is to create a quest where the player has to talk to the governor to receive the key and then enter a dungeon with the entrance in that house, effectively also making the player the owner of the house in the process.

  2. I was also getting a headache trying to resolve the grass issue until I cam across your blog. Thanks for sharing the tip.

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