Beta 0.3 Released

I’ve released Beta 0.3 of Primby Village on Skyrim Nexus. This time, the upload was smooth. I should keep to uploading my files there during the weeks, since traffic on the Nexus is obviously murder during the weekends. Download Beta 0.3 from the Nexus here. Enjoy, and as always, do report any errors with the mod.

Changelog Version 0.3:

– Added Sugardaddy’s Bakery (do read his book on the table by the bed!).
– Created a Governor’s Quarters in the other Fort Tower.
– Created an interior Griffin Banner.
– Many new NPC’s have been added. The Governor and Sugardaddy, among others.
– Added more guards; Primby Sharpshooters, manning the fort walls.
– The merchant doors now lock at night.
– If you commit a crime and are caught, the guards will now send you to prison in Windhelm.
– The guards will now talk about arrows in knees and lolligaggin’, like they should.
– Locked the Smith’s chest.
– Updated the “History of Primby” book.
– Fixed several other small glitches, did corrections and tweaks.

10 responses to “Beta 0.3 Released

  1. I’ve tried downloading it, I keep getting the ‘file does not exist’ message from the NMM, Sometimes this happens and I just keep re-trying a few times and it works, for some reason that’s not happening with this case though, not sure why?

    • I tried it myself and I get that file does not exist too. That’s weird. I deleted the old file from Nexus and added the new one, but that shouldn’t cause any problems. I did the same procedure last time I updated. I’ll place a post on the Nexus forum about it…

      EDIT: There’s a whole thread on the issue on the Nexus NMM Feedback forum. I placed a post there. Trying to manually download, I get this: “This file is currently unavailable on this server. Please try another file server or wait 30 minutes. This is a temporary problem with the site and I’m working on it. -Dark0ne”

  2. Tried downloading manually:

    ‘This file is currently unavailable on this server. Please try another file server or wait 30 minutes. This is a temporary problem with the site and I’m working on it. -Dark0ne’

    Might be fixed later then.

  3. I was finally able to test your village after you provided another link for the download file. SNexus is having some strange problems running loose. Anyhow, the village was beautiful and seemed to fit the world of Skyrim really well. It was interesting to see the fort rise beneath your eyes when you walk the road up towards the fort and village.
    The statue of Talos was exceptionally nice touch for the village. Also the wooden fortifications mixed with stone walls was pretty interesting choice and brought up some good memories from Stronghold games. I believe that if you continue to build up the village and fort it is going to be an excellent addition to Skyrim. πŸ™‚

    I ran some tests in your village and found little bit of this and that which I’d like to forward to you. Especially in beta state I find these kinds of posts extremly important for the modder. πŸ™‚
    –> Stenvar found it impossible to reach this particular part of the wall even prior to the vanishing of NavMesh
    –> Not sure if you intended that debris to be there, as it certainly doesn’t annoy any players by just being there, but I thought of that maybe it’s misplaced.
    –> Had a strange occurence after I chose to pay the fines of my crimes. I spawned in Windhelm as intended, although I’m pretty sure those bandits weren’t meant to be spawned in there with me. Most likely it has something do with the game itself bugging out but you never know. πŸ™‚
    –> Dummy potions gone wrong? Or has Sugardaddy something else to hide than his virile nature. πŸ™‚
    –> I found a little cranny inside the keep.
    –> Prior to NavMesh vanishing I found out that my companion couldn’t follow me to the top of the hollow tower. He found himself stuck in the middle ground of the stairs.

    There’s all the screenshots I took ingame. However, there was more to be found. Jailor and Sanadra didn’t seem to have any kind of voice files put into them except the angry shout to watch my steps. When I tried to speak to them they would give those rather normal lines you’ve put on them, but the problem is that there are no voices to be heard. Even their lines pass way too fast on screen to be able to read what they say. Fortunately, every other NPC seems to be working in regard to voices as intended.
    Prior to NavMesh disappearing I found out that the balcony of the Traveller’s Rest was inaccessible to my companion. As I found myself above on the balcony, my companion actually appeared below me and not on the balcony. Traveller’s Rest is rather cozy looking place, but it seems to be a bit tight when it’s crowded. Helda doesn’t actually sing or play anything by the way. She just plays the animation.
    Finally, there were no trespasses registered at any one time no matter if it was day or night. Sugardaddy’s and Gorbar’s and Witch’s residences didn’t get locked at any point.

    Keep it up and thank you for sharing your mod with us! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you kindly for your comments and really helpful beta testing. I will address the issues you mention, many of which were news to me entirely. Beta testing reports like this make modders learn about the workings of the game and their own mods. I would never have finished my Dibella’s Watch for Oblivion if it wasn’t for reports like these (I’m looking at Tamira!), so keep them coming.

      I must say that I’ve never had any problems with the bandits spawning when going to jail, and I’ve tried it on several occasions. That’s a weird, but interesting, one. As you say, these kinds of posts are extremely useful for modders, and we all like to get feedback like this. So thanks for taking the time and sharing everything you found. Primby Village will be better because you did. πŸ™‚

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