Time to Relax

I don’t usually recommend mods (I should though), but this one is too good to leave unmentioned. Have you ever felt that your character is lifeless? I know I have. The player character just stands there, staring, making him look, well, stupid and indeed lifeless. Bethesda could have fixed that easily with some idle animations or headtracking, like in Oblivion where your player character actually smiles towards people he likes.

Then this mod comes along to… hmm… kill the lifelessness. Dovahkiin Relaxes Too by wgstein flew up on Skyrim Nexus this morning, and it’s understandable that it’s so popular. This mod makes your character react to the environment and take a break in adventuring. If you’re standing by a fire, he will warm his hands, he will sweep the floor in your house or take a drink. He will read the map in the wilderness and relax on beds. Also, he gets a voice. You can greet any NPC and listen to your character talk. this mod adds a lot of life to player characters and you need to have it too.

Great heroes need to relax too.

Proof of Progress

More proof of progress of what I’m doing right now. I’ve begun adding interiors to all the buildings I’ve created exteriors for. Create empty interiors, create doors, link doors between outside and inside. This is a tedious, and may I say, boring process. That is why I don’t paste interiors alone, but spend much of my time continuing to build the exterior as well. The castle itself is completely done right now though, and even has its interior fully decorated. Just some finishing to do really.


Even More Progress

Yeah, mates, I’m faster than the Devil indeed. I’ve just made my first attempt at a waterfall in Frontier, and the result is really satisfactory. The whole Northwind River leading north into the continent of The Frontier will be filled with waterfalls and branch off into small streams and such. I don’t know yet where the source of the Northwind is. It can’t be lake Carnar though, because that lake is sealevel, and I can’t create a river that originates at sealevel and runs out at sealevel. I’m sure I’ll find suitable mountains to be the origin of the Great Northwind River.

I’ve created a barn at my wheat farm. This may sound trivial, but it adds to realism. Every country boy, like myself, know what barns are used for. In vanilla Skyrim they have their huge bunches of what looks like harvested wheat out in the fields soaking rain. Yeah sure. The player who, against all odds, want to obtain wheat in Frontier should visit the barn. It’s the holy place of wheat, and I’ve stacked all my wheat in there. The fields themselves are still yellow, growing unharvested wheat. There’s also a sexy scarecrow!

More pics for you. The barn, specifically, and the waterfall, but also a view of the Western Gate from the Stable outside the city.

First place on SW

I need to mention this. Primby Village is in first place on Steam Workshop on the “Most Popular This Week” page. As a modder, this is the kind of “pay” I’m modding for. The professionals work for money and try to sell their game, us modders work for comments, endorsements and top positions like the one Primby is at right now. This will without a doubt also raise awareness of my Frontier project. Thank you all for your support.

An honourable position for Primby, especially since the competition on that page is against some pretty impressive mods.

The First Interior

Here’s a progress screenshot of the first interior I’ve created in Anvil Nova too. It’s the great hall in the castle. Also, I have a screenie of the stable just outside the city. You can see windmills in the background.

Steam Workshop

Steam Workshop has Primby Village featured on the second page of the most popular mods this week right now. That’s good. I am getting comments on the mod too, and most of them are appreciating. Especially this one:

The commentator has found something he recognizes in Primby: “Is the flag animal from harry potter? lol if it is

My reply to that comment: “Most certainly not. The Griffin, which is depicted on the flag, is an ancient mythological creature which existed in lore thousands of years before J.K. Rowling puked out Harry Bloody Potter.

I’m a modder. I’m not like the professional game-designers who have to hold their tongue. I’m allowed to do this. Good night, mod-users.