The last patch of land

I’ve now cleared the last patch of land available to build Primby Village, the small patch of land out at the end of Primby Cliff. This will be the home of a proper farm. It was my vision way before I even started this mod that this land would be occupied by at least a windmill, so I do hope that the windmill mesh isn’t touched by the missing meshes bug, but we’ll see. I have already raised a shrine in honour of my all-time favourite Goddess, Dibella, at the very end of the cliff.

I just have a bit of fixing still and then I can start on the farm.

4 responses to “The last patch of land

  1. Looks like a fine spot of land for a farm, I’ll be interested to see your approach to designing one, the vanillas are all a bit basic for my liking, except that Half-Moon Mill places…although it’s a mill not really a farm but it’s still the most realistic of all the agricultural type places in Skyrim I think.

    • You’re right about that. The vanilla farms are pretty sad, just like the villages in general. There should be a market for a Rural Overhaul mod, I think.

  2. Wow you read my mind, or i read yours, i was walking throught the town and thought that cliff needed to be used by a farm.O.O windmill would be nice too. this is the only mod i’ve really followed and i am loving the prgress.

    • Yep. That land is pretty perfect for farming, although, I bet the soil isn’t really that fertile, this being on a cliff and all. There’s also limited space for the crops, but I got it together rather well last night, I think, so I’ll show screenies later tonight.

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