This beautiful game

Sometimes Skyrim puts on such a show that your eyes bleed. No screenshot in the world can describe the scene when the night sky is perfectly clear and the Northern Lights start playing and the light night breeze is in the air. You just stop for a while and admire this bleedin’ beautiful game.

8 responses to “This beautiful game

  1. I think your mod is awesome, from what I see on your blog. I read in an earlier post of your open source attitude and would like to ask if you would be so kind as to help me out with some advice from time to time, as you are an experienced modder, with issues on my MOD, Hunters Hall / Guild, been talking about it on GHF forums under skyrim modding. I had the grass issue which seems to be solved thanks to your post on the issue. Thanks again.

    • Thanks, and yes, of course. I’m also a member of GHF (I have a thread about Frontier there too), so I’ll check your post out later when I get home from work. I’ll help in any way I can.

  2. It kind of looks like there’s a huge sink whole in the road there, what’s that all about? 😛 Optical illusion :O

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