Beta Version 0.4 Released

I’ve released Beta Version 0.4. The whole of Primby Cliff is now settled, with the Farm at the end of it being the last building I’ll add to the village. Download on Skyrim Nexus. Phew. What an update frequency I’m having, eh?


– Created a farm at the end of the village. Interior and Exterior as well as NPC’s.
– Created a Shrine to Dibella.
– Beautified the back of the village, with a view towards the marshlands in the north.
– Created Dragon markers where Dragons land when attacking Primby.
– Sanadara and the Jailor now speak again.
– Helda now sings and plays properly at the tavern at night.
– There is now an Enchanter in the Alchemist’s Shop too.
– Fixed issue with bounties for Windhelm and Eastmarch.
– Fixed several NavMesh issues throughout the village.
– Did numerous minor corrections; moving rocks, levelling ground and such.

11 responses to “Beta Version 0.4 Released

  1. Lovely, I’ll download ASAP.

    Primby is really coming together and having life breathed into it, it’s really thrilling to watch! I can’t wait to hear the NPCs speak something other than ‘huh?’! 😛

    • Yeah. That’s the sort of dialogue I’m at right now, but I plan to have some voice acting done when I get to that point. TesAlliance is full of voice actors just waiting to get started on mods.

  2. Just like to add that I get so annoyed when I see a mod like Primby 1,296 Total D/Ls, but only 21 endorsements, yet these ridiculous ‘player house’ mods have people obsessed and I just can’t understand why!?

    I load up the game to play and explore the world, not sit in a user made ‘home’ and pretend to drink a cup of tea…

    • Village modding was actually quite big in Oblivion. It hasn’t caught on yet with Skyrim, which is why Primby is the first village mod for this game. Really weird that there isn’t more interest in village modding, but that’s their loss. LOL I bet it’s because of the CK bugs preventing effective modding still, like the NavMesh thing.

  3. I’ve checked out 4.0, as always it’s great, I couldn’t find any bugs, in fact I was pleased to see occurances such as items flying off shelves when entering buildings didn’t happen. It’s a shame that the texture bug on NPC’s faces still hasn’t been fixed (even addressed) by Bethesda.

    Some other things, I found Sugar Daddy’s book…interesting lol…if not slightly unsettling…but fair play to him. ;P

    The farm was by far the best and most stunning area of 4.0 though, I was really taken aback by how fantastic and realistic it looked, I honestly forgot for a second that the field was an illusion of bushes and not corn, it works perfectly, it was nice to see a field that actually looked like it was flourishing, unlike other vanilla fields, yet ironically a field on a cliff face but that adds to the charm. 😉

    The Dibella statue was a real treat, I was more than pleased with the way it’s been hidden behind the trees next to the farm, it gives it a very mysterious look, almost like the villages are worried of repercussions over worshipping her and not Talos.

    I finished off with a visit to the tavern to listen to Helga’s singing I’d been eager to see implemented, her voice and speech impediment aren’t exactly easy on the ears, but at least Bethesda’s voice actress tried. 😛

    I took some screenshots of scenes that really caught my eye! =]

    ‘The Earth

    ‘Local Bullies’

    ‘The Man…sort of…’

    ‘She is remembered’

    “The soil is fertile from the blood that has been spilled on this country”

    • Thanks for the screenies. It’s always fun to see how the mod looks on other players’ systems. What caught my eye was Sanadara’s armour. LOL Quite something. One of my plans for the future is to give the guards new armour too, but I haven’t found anything suitable yet. Thanks for your comments. It’s nice to know it works well. 🙂

  4. Hi Antiscamp (couldn’t find a name in the “About” section, sorry)

    I’ve written a fan fiction involving the combination of dragons and forts, and google didn’t give me much other than your image here as far as screenshots featuring the two. I’ve got no idea how about to go about taking good screenshots, so I wondered if you would mind my using this image as the cover on

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