Dragon Attack

Dragon attacks are part of every day life in Skyrim. To test my guards in Primby, I arranged for a Dragon to swoop down and have its way with the village. I pretty much sat back myself and let the soldiers handle it. The guards did quite well wounded him and downed him after a couple of passes. The only casualty was the Farmer’s Daughter who tried to play hero after he had landed and attacked him in melee with her dagger; she got thrown into the air and killed. She could suit herself, methinks.

There are special markers in the CK to place on rooftops and towers where the dragons can land when they’re attacking. It looks pretty cool to have a dragon perched on the Fort Tower, but I need to place more of those markers on the rooftops of Primby. My sharpshooter girls were a good idea. I armed them with longbows and made them great archers and placed them on the fort walls. They will keep the town safe in the future as well, I hope.

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