Farm Under Construction

Here’s my farm under construction. The exterior is as good as done already and it sits pretty well at its excellent location at the end of Primby Cliff. I only need to give birth to a farming family now.

The yellow field of crops is made up of a whole lot of “Yellow Bushes” (found among the trees in the CK) which creates the illusion of a true farm field. I’ve also placed some wheat in it. This field is very small, due to space constraints, but it gives an illusion of being bigger than it is too. Imagine endless yellow fields like these with wheat, small farm houses, and working serfs dotted about. That’s how it’s going to be in Frontier where I’ll have unlimited space for farming.

This is just the first fledgling preview of what true Skyrim farming is going to be like.

8 responses to “Farm Under Construction

  1. Nice! And there’s no farm without a scarecrow! Maybe you can build a quest around it….the scarecrow takes care of a good harvest, but in return he wants blood. It begins with chickenblood, but in the end you are supposed to find a human sacrifice. Something like Boethiah’s Calling. Or it´s just a farmer who participates in a contest to grow the biggest crops, but he needs sacrifices.

    • That’s a scary scarecrow you’ve got planned. Now how am I supposed to sleep tonight!? LOL. I’ll make the farm a scarecrow asap though 😉

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