A New World

Today I’ve been experimenting with one of Skyrim’s greatest challenges, but something I will have to do sooner or later. I’ve been creating an entirely new worldspace from a Heightmap. The Heightmap Editor in the Creation Kit is seriously broken and pretty much useless, so I’ve had to use several third party tools to get this far. It was just an experiment, but it indeed produced a world in the end although it didn’t turn out as nice as I could have hoped. I need to retry the process and do things differently the next time.

Since there is no Heightmap Editor in the CK that will work properly, I’ve designed a testmap in L3DT. This is an excellent, free utility to produce Heightmaps for games like Oblivion or Skyrim. The Heightmap then has to be saved in 16Bit .raw-format.

Importing it into the CK is no easy task. For this, a utility called TESAnnwyn is used. I think I did several mistakes while importing it, but as you can see, here’s my Heightmap in the CK so called Heightmap Editor, only, it seems, flipped and mirrored for some reason. No worries; I know that to later then.

After that, you’re supposed to generate LOD for the map too. For this, I used Oscape, which is downloadable from Skyrim Nexus, at least. Again, I made a couple of mistakes and had some errors popping up on me, so I don’t think I got it right, but at least I got something into the game, as you can see below.

This is a screenshot of the new worldspace. No water, pretty bad LOD (purple mountains and so on), but indeed a working Worldspace. Now I need to redo it all and see if I can’t do something that’s near perfect. Others have already done it, and I’m pretty close, I just have to learn the process. This Wiki-page provides valuable infromation on creating worldspaces, and the Bethesda forums are full of talented modders working on this and sharing what they’ve come up with.

11 responses to “A New World

  1. Considering outside tools had to be used, as well a broken/dodgy Creation Kit, it’s a nice step into things to test the water. Hell it’s just nice seeing those mountains, and knowing that, as basic as it is, it can be said to be an entirely new land.

    Ahhh modding, it’s amazes me so… :’)

    • I did it with TesAnnwyn. It’s a reather tricky procedure, especially since TesAnnwyn has no GUI, but only a command prompt. You need to write the commands and calculations into it, but fortunately it comes with a rather good ReadMe. I used Maegfaer’s formula, since he’s also done his heightmap in L3DT, and he’s written detailed instructions on how to import L3DT maps into Skyrim here.

      • Thanks Man, but I’m still getting same problem as always. The there is no worldspace in my TESAnnwyn.esp. I’ll open it with the CK becuase i am opening with TESVsnip and it has 0 file size

      • Do you do your heightmap in L3DT too, or do you do it in another application? I could write a complete tutorial on how I did it. The process with L3DT heightmaps is all thanks to Maegfaer of the MERP project.

  2. Wow that would be awesome. Your mod has inspired me to give heightmapping another go. I gave up as all my imported heightmaps turned out terrible and had huge tears in the landscape.

    I did my heightmap in L3DT then imported it to GIMP to greyscale and stuff then used TESAnnwyn to get it into Skyrim.

    • You don’t need to use GIMP at all. You can directly export a .raw-image that TesAnnwyn will read perfectly. There are a few tricks to exporting, but Maegfaer’s post in the L3DT forum makes it quite clear. Don’t give up! With a bit of experimenting, you’ll get there. Trial and error, you know 🙂

  3. HA!!!!!! IT WORKED!!!!!
    Thanks man, now I can actually make a decent mod. All I need is some LOD. Any Idea how to make that?

    • Wow! I’m happy for you. For LOD you should use Oscape. There’s an article on how to get results on CreationKit.com here. Objects and trees have to be generated separately from that though, I haven’t done those yet for Frontier, but I’m getting to the point where I’d like to do just that. You’re doing great with your mod!

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