That’s One Small Step…

One small step for one Player Character, one giant leap for Frontier. I was feeling like the Spanish conquerors when they landed in The New World and planted their flag on American soil back in the days of Columbus, but my girlfriend came up with a better analogy, that it was more like when Neil Armstrong took those first steps on the Moon and planted the Flag there in 1969. So I geared up my best looking astronaut and went exploring the Frontier.

Because of my theatrical side, I was careful to open the CK, take my time to plant a flag and a few accessories for screenshooting before I went. After days of work; setbacks, retries and failures, it’s one of those moments when it all clicks and you can finally witness your own creation come alive inside the game, the moment of Success. These moments are why I’m a modder, and I had it earlier with setting my first foot in my own Frontier Worldspace and witnessing its utter glory.

OK. This wasn’t exactly on the scale of the Apollo Program, but seeing The Frontier appear in front of my eyes was the reward for successful Heightmap-generation, import into CK and LOD-generation. It took me several days, so I’m allowed to feel pleased and draw parallells to the Lunar Expeditions. Behold the screenshots, because these are the very first pictures of Frontier.

The first pictures were taken at my “Landing Site” at the New Anvil Bay, not far from where the City of Anvil Nova will be in the future. I placed a few statics to keep it dramatic and used the Console to warp right into the site. I of course took my most suitable character along for the adventure, my Woodelf beggar. The very last picture is from Lake Carnar inland. I thought I made this lake too big in the L3DT Heightmap Editor, but it’s rather suitable. My Woodelf Beggar doesn’t like to take baths, but I got him to dip his toes in the lake, at least. This is near the position where the player owned castle and town will be, Lindum.

18 responses to “That’s One Small Step…

    • My Woodelf beggar immediately sent a letter to Imperial City, telling them about his discovery of the new land, and told them that he had claimed it for the Imperial State. For some reason, they didn’t believe him and didn’t want to formally annex his newfound continent into the Empire. Maybe because he had sent these kinds of letters to them before. During the Summer of Love in 4E 168 he had sent several reports of discoveries to the Imperial Court, all of which turned out to be products of his imagination and Skooma induced hallucinations. We can only hope that the Thalmor don’t get here first, by the gods!

    • Yep. There will be a monument to honour the discovery and landing on The Frontier. I made one in Oblivion for Dibella’s Watch too. The first thing I ever pasted onto that new continent was a statue of Dibella. I ended up moving that statue further and further inland as I continued to build the mod, and eventually she ended up standing right in front of the Cathedral in the City of Dibella’s Watch, where she still stands today. That was a monument to the colonization of Dibella’s Watch.

  1. This is really making me get interested in modding…aside from my two ‘meh’ character face mods I’ve made! What’s next in line? I’m guessing detail on the environment?

    • Yep. The environment comes next, with so called Region generation at least. Then I start with the real details, like creating cities and other fun stuff. I will probably need to turn this into an .esm after region generation though, because the file is getting large, and a pain to save. It takes a long time saving it in the CK each time.

  2. Congrats. I’m currently fighting with L3DT and various other utilities trying to get my darn heightmap into the CK. How’d you end up making it work?

      • It helps a bit but I still can’t get the terrain I model in L3DT into the Skyrim CK successfully. Everything seems ok, but I end up with flat land that’s all underwater, instead of my L3DT stuff. Sigh.

      • It took a lot of fiddling before I had my heightmap in-game too, so don’t give up. πŸ™‚ I’m no expert, but Maegfaer is. He’s the lead scripter of the MERP project, so he’s a busy man, but from what I saw on the forums, he’s also a very helpful man, so you may want to write him about this to try and get help. Or write on that thread in the L3DT forum. I bet someone knows more about this there too. As I remember it, I had a similar problem with my map. Only water and all my land being flat underneath. I think that time I had tried to import my map at different sizes in TasAnnwyn than I had in L3DT. Make sure your map is the right size in both applications. Also, the water level in L3DT was very important. Make sure you’re setting it just right (at -117.0446166992187 and clip below), like Maegfaer points out in that post.

  3. Yep, I did everything exactly as instructed and still couldn’t get it to work. I’ll have to drop a note in that thread and see if anyone can help.

    Thanks for the replies!

    • No problem. I wish you the best of luck with it. Only wish I could have been more help, but heightmaps and importing them is really tricky business, as you’ve noted. It’s a different experience for every heightmap, it seems.

  4. I’m going to post a comprehensive tutorial on youtube if I get it all working. Will post again if/when I do.

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