The Frontier Map

Here, you can see what the Frontier looks like all in all in L3DT. It’s pretty good, but not exactly like the “paper map” I designed earlier. That’s intentional. Medieval mapping was never exact, to say the least, although Tamrielic mapping always seems to have been very, very exact. This is a map of a Frontier and an unexplored part of the world, and should remain cloaked in mystery and indeed guesswork. Like the early maps of Scandinavia or unexplored America in the 16th century.

The Frontier Heightmap as it will be in-game.

The "Paper Map" of The Frontier.

Early maps of America and Scandinavia were not very precise.

6 responses to “The Frontier Map

    • Thanks. It’s really shaping up now. I will pump out a really early Alpha version soon enough too. That download will only be the worldspace in all its empty glory, but for those interested in seeing what’s happening it will be of interest, and I’ll be needing testers for it too.

    • Hang on, my friend. You have plenty of walking long, dusty roads ahead of you, and plenty of adventuring awaiting in your quest to find the bugs of the Frontier. 😀

    • There will be tasks in the future for you. I will be needing beta testers, among other things, so you’ll get to help out if you’re up for it 🙂

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