More work on the Worldspace

I decided that the mountains weren’t up to standards and that they looked cartoony, so I’ve updated my Heightmap and gotten it in-game once more. It took me some hours, but since I know what I’m doing now, it’s no challenge anymore. There are a few smaller LOD-problems with this version, but I can live with them. I think Bethesda themselves hid such problems behind veils of fog and other statics in their vanilla Skyrim space.

The next step with this is to create Regions. That’s how you tell the game what trees, bushes and rocks are present in a certain area of the worldspace, and you even control weather conditions and what music is played while in the region. I am not going to design the very south of the continent in this generated way though; I am going to create the south, where the settled colony is situated, entirely by hand. For that, I am also going to need other trees than vanilla can supply me with, but that’s a future problem.

So much to do, so little time!

Looking into the North Eastern Valley, which will be swamplands, inhabited by a Fairy Tale Kingdom.

4 responses to “More work on the Worldspace

  1. Reminds me a bit of a very old story: On the first day ….
    So, don’t you feel a little bit like a god?
    Must be a great feeling to create a complete new world from scratch 🙂

    • God’s Heightmap Editor must have been state-of-the-art splendid, although I think L3DT is quite cool, and His LOD generation was awesome. I can’t live up to His artistry, unfortunately, but yeah, it feels like quite something running around in that land I’ve only imagined for months now and seeing it come to life.

    • I can work with some of the new Skyrim statics we get too. There are loads and loads of good looking cliffs and rocks to make mountains from, so in the end they will be even better. Imagine fog around those mountain tops and trees climbing the slopes too. Those mountains will be sexy!

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