I got married today

Today, I married the woman of my dreams, my own Swedish beauty, Sandra.

We’ve been living together since the end of 2009. She has been of immense importance to my modding. Actually, none of my mods since 2009 would be in existence if it wasn’t for her. She patiently listens to my rants about CK bugs and hears me swear over missing meshes, but she also takes joy with me when I experience those great moments, like earlier this week when I got my landmass working. many are the times when she’s been sitting right here beside me and I’ve been showing off my mods; she’s seen the detailed beauty of Dibella’s Watch and the promise of Frontier.

She is everything I have ever hoped for in a woman; beautiful, intelligent and fun. And she’s a gamer. Yes, lads, women like this actually do exist, they’re indeed out there! I know, I caught one, and she said yes today.

Napoleon and Josephine got married on March 9, 1796. That's why we chose that date too.

20 responses to “I got married today

  1. Dear Cousin, my best wishes to you and you wife. May you have a long and happy marriage.

  2. Hey, congratulations!
    I remember well the love-shrine and the love-letter to Sandra in Dibella’s Watch.
    May Dibella guard your path!

  3. I am sure you must still be on honeymoon but when you get around to it – I would liek to ask you about dialogue!!! have you done much in your mod? I am at the point in mine where I want to add dialogue to my npcs but need some help, is there a default or general topic list to add to npcs or is everything a quest?

    • LOL. The Honeymoon is pretty much over. Today, is a usual workday like any other. But the wedding trip comes later this year. We were thinking Paris, since it’s the 600th anniversary of Jeanne d’Arc’s birth. We’ll see.

      As for quests and dialogue, I was really hoping Bethesda would fix the bugs before I got to adding those. Primby Village is in the state now that it really wants a proper quest. I haven’t looked at dialogue in the CK at all, but I’ll get around to it, since it’s the logical next step for the mod. Sorry I can’t be of more help right now, but here’s the official Wiki Page on dialogue. Oblivion had a General Topics list though, and I can’t believe Skyrim is further behind than that.

      EDIT: I just found this in the latest files on Nexus too. It’s a tutorial for making unique Merchant Dialogue. This is of interest to me, at least, and maybe you can use it too.

  4. Fantastic congratulations! As someone else who also was able to find & marry the elusive gorgeous gamer-girl of his dreams, I am truly joyful for you! =D

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