Some encouraging words

These are some encouraging words by Joel Burgess of Bethesda in a forum post (dating Feb 29) on what they’re up to with the Grey-face bug as well as the NavMesh thingy. Hear and heed.

We’re definitely looking to resolve as many issues as possible, both for our own sake and to help with modder-specific bugs. For example, the skintone and navmesh bugs are both being addressed in an upcoming patch. Keep checking patch notes on bethBlog for that. We are also looking into other issues, such as large refs disappearing – but those fixes will be a few patches further away. We also just started a test of a potential fix for the grass-doesn’t-update bug which many landscape modders are running into.

Good news this. As for myself, I haven’t been able to mod much last night or today. I’m shaky nervous right now, and I won’t tell you why, but you’ll be informed later tonight. Just let me tell you that this is a very good day for me.

4 responses to “Some encouraging words

  1. “As for myself, I havenā€™t been able to mod much last night or today. Iā€™m shaky nervous right now…”

    What a surprise! šŸ˜€

    • Yes. I saw it the other day, but as you guessed, I thought I’d wait for the official fix. I really hope the CK update is not far off. I’ll play with the tips on the thread tomorrow for Primby Village though and perhaps release a 0.4.1 update for the mod with the face textures as they should be.

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