Anvil Nova

I am seriously considering scrapping my Heightmap and do what I did with Dibella’s Watch for Oblivion and hand-design the entire continent. This will result in a much smaller area, but also a more detailed and beautiful one. I don’t get a good feeling from my heightmap and the more I see it, the uglier it gets.I don’t like region generation either. I really don’t want the Frontier to look in any way generated. Not in the least. That’s not me.

In Dibella’s Watch for Oblivion, I hand-designed it all; I even pasted every tree and every rock. I don’t need to go to those lengths here, if I don’t want to, but the fact is that I have a very close, personal relationship with every area, every corner, in DW and I did it all with love and care. The question is – do I want a grand worldspace, which is large and impressive, but empty and lacking passion, or do I want a smaller worlspace which is still packed with features, landscape, quests and action and indeed created with passion. I don’t think anyone will object to me choosing the latter.

If I start creating Frontier like I did with Dibella’s Watch, under the same conditions, I’ll be presenting you with an impressive and exciting mod in no-time anyways. But if I start copying the MERP-project and trying to be as big as possible, I will fail and I won’t have much to show in the future. I should do what I’m good at and in the way I’m good at it.

This is a sketch of Anvil Nova, the capital of the Imperial Colony on the Frontier.

7 responses to “Anvil Nova

  1. That’s a tough dilemma. Personally I would choose the latter: “a smaller worlspace which is still packed with features, landscape, quests and action and indeed created with passion.”

    I never played Dibella’s Watch, but I think you will do your best as you can, no matter what decision you make.

    That sketch looks good to me.

    • It’s really sad to scrap the Heightmap I’ve been working on for some time too. Feels a bit like just throwing good work into the lake. But, oh well, that’s modding, and if the mod becomes better from that decision, then, so be it.

      • Yea, I can imagine how hard it is to throw away hours of work. But that is, as you say, ‘that’s modding’, and in the end it will be good.

  2. It’s a shame that there isn’t a way to compromise by having the more populated areas hand done, and using the heightmap for the areas which are just wilderness. As long as The Frontier maintains it’s feeling of heading off into the wild unknown then the new method should be fine. I’d choose the new way and get a better result any day!

    • Yup. The whole purpose of the mod is the exploration of the wilderness, so I won’t touch that. The unexplored wild should make up the majority of the continent anyway. There are also methods to make a smaller more detailed continent seem much larger. For one, I’ve been thinking about getting rid of fast travel, and only having horse cart transport between the major cities and villages. That’s pretty much how things worked in old Morrowind. But we’ll see.

  3. I think getting rid of fast travel makes perfect sense on a mod that is a lot smaller than Skyrim, actually I’ve always envisinged myself playing The Frontier without using FS so I can immerse myself more in that feeling of exploring the wilds, trecking through it, and then finally making it back to town. Fast travelling would get rid of that feeling anyway!

    • I will indeed experiment with no fast travel in Frontier. I did that back in Dibella’s Watch too, but in Oblivion there were no horse carts, so most commentators wanted fast travel opened and I finally did open it too.

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