What I did in Dibella’s Watch

For those readers who didn’t see Dibella’s Watch for Oblivion, let me mention a few things on what I did back then and what was its purpose. I created a whole continent called Dibella’s Watch, named after the capital city, which in turn was named after the Goddess Dibella. The continent was a Tamriel in miniature. All the areas of the mod were crammed together just to make it all manageable by one single modder, me.

And I did a good job with that. In less than a year, I had completed the landscape, designed all the towns and cities and also written a great number of quests, including a long main storyline. Dibella’s Watch was quite large, although it was to be considered small. There was a huge desert area, as well as a jungle, filled with hand-placed trees, inhabited by hostile bandits and creatures. There were a great number of smaller towns and villages, as well as one major (open) city. There were castles and inns dotted about the beautiful, hand-made landscape.

I created land where I needed it, which ended up with a weird looking continent, filled with action. Everything was crammed together to make the most use of the limited space. The city of Port Constanze was my best expample of city-design that turned out well. Although it was small in expanse, it had all the services and I even had a chapel in there and a university just outside the city gates.

This is how Frontier will be made too, because it will make it absolutely manageable by one single modder (myself), and I can even add to its size as I see fit. the focus will still be on the unexplored areas of the wilderness. Villages and towns will be crammed together to conserve space, but you still don’t have to expect anything as sad as Shor’s Stone; it will all be beautifully detailed to add to the medieval atmosphere frontier I want to create.

The map of Dibella's Watch.

2 responses to “What I did in Dibella’s Watch

  1. When you feel better to create a smaller worldspace similar to Dibella’ s Watch, then it is certainly the best for you to do it.
    I loved DW and I am looking forward to Frontier whatever it’s size will be.

    • Thanks, Tamira. 🙂 Sometimes DW felt like a miniature world, but I think that was one of its strenghts too, because it was seriously fun to create it all. Everything from the City of Dibella’s Watch to the desert and the woodlands.

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