Yet another try

Yay! I now have yet another new heightmap imported into the game. This one is based on the old one, only reduced in size. The landscape is too dramatic still, but this is actually something I can logically work with. Since I’ve done this based on the old heighmap created in L3DT, there wasn’t much work lost either. Now I can start creating the fun stuff.

50% smaller, but manageable. It's still too dramatic, but I'll change that soon enough.

3 responses to “Yet another try

    • No, the scale is alright now. The mountains are too high and what I meant to be small, rolling hills became higher than expected. That’s easily fixed though as I continue to work on it. I hope to set the foundations for the City of Anvil Nova today, and in the same time, I’m going to publish screenshots, so you get to see how the mountains and landscape looks in the background too.

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