All work… and a little play too

Yeah! I am feeling very enthusiastic about my new Frontier continent. Unfortunately, I haven’t done much on the City itself, as I said I would, but I have been levelling the land around what will be the City of Anvil Nova and it’s looking up. Also, my “dramatic” mountains won’t pose a problem; I’ve already worked on some of them and it didn’t take me long to get them to look quite OK.

I’ve been playing the game and doing some quests. Among other things, I did the quest in Markarth where you end up in jail (no spoilers!) and I liked it so much that I feel the need to create a similar jail-going-quest for Frontier. The whole little island of Cilicia on the southern coast will have to become a prison colony. Think Alcatraz. Ending up in there, will lead to some nice escape-quest.

Now I’ll continue levelling the flatlands around Anvil Nova where all the farms will be. I also need to paste map markers for all the major towns and features so I can orient myself on the continent more easily.

This is what most of my mountains look like right now. Pretty bad, actually...

...Doesn't take long to make them look like this though. Much better!

4 responses to “All work… and a little play too

  1. Cool! The Alcatraz thing is a nice idea. Maybe you can offer up some advantages for characters who are better in sneaking.

    • It could end up being a whole new view on going to prison in Skyrim too, so it’s worth thinking about. Just creating that Alcatraz should be a lot of fun too.

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