And then this

And then this comes along. We’re being warned of an error with the CK and the latest update of the game on the official forums. Read the post here.

I don’t quite understand half of it, but I do get that the Creation Kit and Skyrim’s Update 1.5 are obviously not communicating correctly, which could result in corrupted files when saving them in the current CK version. In practice this means no modding with the current CK because it’s broken.

Stupid me opted in for the beta, just because of the fancy new killcams, so I’ve been modding Frontier with this broken, corrupt CK for days. I have to wait for more information on this issue before I know what to do. The worst scenario is that I have to start Frontier from scratch, actually. I mean, geez, Bethesda!

EDIT: There was a CK update a couple of minutes ago, and it’s all alright now! No need to remake Frontier either. They had me and a whole lot of other people sweating rivers there for a while.

6 responses to “And then this

  1. PHEW!! I can only imagine what you were looking like as the creater, let alone me as purely an avid follower of the mod! 😛

    • Good Lord. It seems the latest patch of the CK FIXES the NavMesh bug (Yay!), but introduces a CtD on Fast Travel bug. I haven’t had time to test this, but I’ll do it tonight. It will affect Primby Village, at least. Them fixing the NavMesh bug is a big thing though, so I think it’s going in the right direction.

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