The Capital of The Frontier

These are the first screenshots of Anvil Nova, the capital of the Frontier. The exterior is as good as done, and only has small tweaks and corrections left to be done. The next phase is to add empty interiors to all buildings and create and link doors. It’s tedious, yes, but necessary.

10 responses to “The Capital of The Frontier

  1. Wow that was quick! :O

    That first screenshot is great, they all are, but I really like the flags hanging from the buildings in the first one, it’s fitting with what I pictured AN looking like, glad to see Talos is making a comeback, seems the Thalmor haven’t influenced the governmer enough to take it down. 😀

    Persumably the large building to the right of the chuch is the governer’s mansion? The whole town looks fantastic, it, like Primby, does the same thing I really liked, that being making a town/village that looks like it could actually exist, and it’s realistic, things look functional, not to say Bethesda didn’t do this in parts, but sometimes I did get the feeling they didn’t exactly make things logically. Loving the lighthouse/tower as well.

    • Thanks. Yes, this is the land of Talos still and the worship of him is still widespread, because the Frontier was never touched by the peace agreement between the Dominion and the Empire, since the colony was not an official part of the Empire. The story of the Frontier will involve some itneresting powerstruggles between the Thalmor and the Imperials on this neutral soil and there will be some great political developments because of that. Most people on the Frontier want it to officially join the Empire, while the Emperor has never recognized this as a part of the empire. The Thalmor will have a strong presence too.

      Yep, The large building is the governor’s (he goes by the title of “Protektor” and rules like a king with a court and all that comes with that) castle. The architecture is ancient nordic, because the castle was conquered by the people from Tamriel when they arrived on the Frontier 200 years ago and that castle was the centre of a greater Nordic kingdom spanning the entire continent. The nord tribes that still live on the continent to the north, are descendants of that ancient glorious kingdom.

      I tried to make the city medieval and realistic looking, and I think I got it quite right. It’s really a sight to stand in one of those tight alleys. The streets are all wooden, like the old Vikings built their streets IRL too.

    • Thanks. Now comes the process of adding interiors to all those exteriors. That’s often where modders fail, unfortunately, they add to many houses outside and then don’t have the energy to add all those insides. I have a lot of houses in Anvil Nova to add, but I’ll do it in no-time. 😀

  2. I like the name ‘Protektor’, I just hope there aren’t a bombardment of comments with people saying it’s a spelling mistake :S

    • LOL I will probably get that a lot. I made the title up from the English word Protector, thinking of Oliver Cromwell’s title “Lord Protector”. I think the latin spelling would be with a K, but I could be wrong. It’s a cool title though.

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