I need Green Trees

So, I’ve started to colonize my continent beyond that great city. The land just outside the city is going to be fertile farmland, with farms, stables, fields and pretty much open spaces. This is why I haven’t really had any use for Skyrim’s trees yet, but this won’t be pinewood areas either. I’m thinking more like green oak trees just to break the flatness a bit. A couple of trees here and there will make all the difference.

The fact is that I don’t have any suitable trees right now. Vanilla Skyrim doesn’t supply us with green trees in any form and I don’t want to paste pines here. No-no. Nor are the yellowish Riften-aspen-trees very suitable. I will make a request on the forums and see if I can’t find a tree artist to create some trees. Otherwise I have to wait for trees to… erm pop up. I know in Oblivion, artists created everything from palmtrees to desert bushes to be used in mods, since there were no such in vanilla.

That's the dairy farm. There will be lots of cows in that meadow. Imagine this scene with proper green trees too.

2 responses to “I need Green Trees

  1. I wonder if there are any models of chopped trees, it might create a nice contrast between the encroachment of civilization on the land, and then the sudden bust of forest and wilderness beyond.

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