The outside of Anvil Nova

Here are some more progress pictures showing the landscape around Anvil Nova as it is now. It’s pretty atmospheric already.

8 responses to “The outside of Anvil Nova

    • Hiya and thanks. This is all made with the vanilla resources. I am planning to add new stuff as I go though, to vary the landscape and the settlements. The very south of this continent is going to be very familiar to the Skyrim player though, so right now vanilla will do nicely.

  1. Your new world already looks fantastic! You are modding faster than the devil 😛

    Now let us hope that Bethesda will fix the game-breaking CK bugs in the near future. *sigh*

    • LOL the Devil can’t keep up. And yes. Let’s hope Bethesda does that quickly, because I don’t even dare add any sort of NavMesh to this as it is, and without NavMesh, no NPC’s. All I’m doing right now is creating the scenery really, but I have a lot of that to create, so I have my hands full anyways.

  2. Great screenshots as always! Personally I think the flag at the town entrance looks a little too ‘clean’, couldn’t hurt to have some wear and tear on it, but it could just be the lighting.

    • Thanks! 🙂 Yep, the flag looks a bit too clean and shhiny. I made it myself for Primby Village, but I’m no good at Normal Maps and all the other things that come with texturing, so I just got this together back then. I am going to update it one day though, so it’ll fit better.

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