Even More Progress

Yeah, mates, I’m faster than the Devil indeed. I’ve just made my first attempt at a waterfall in Frontier, and the result is really satisfactory. The whole Northwind River leading north into the continent of The Frontier will be filled with waterfalls and branch off into small streams and such. I don’t know yet where the source of the Northwind is. It can’t be lake Carnar though, because that lake is sealevel, and I can’t create a river that originates at sealevel and runs out at sealevel. I’m sure I’ll find suitable mountains to be the origin of the Great Northwind River.

I’ve created a barn at my wheat farm. This may sound trivial, but it adds to realism. Every country boy, like myself, know what barns are used for. In vanilla Skyrim they have their huge bunches of what looks like harvested wheat out in the fields soaking rain. Yeah sure. The player who, against all odds, want to obtain wheat in Frontier should visit the barn. It’s the holy place of wheat, and I’ve stacked all my wheat in there. The fields themselves are still yellow, growing unharvested wheat. There’s also a sexy scarecrow!

More pics for you. The barn, specifically, and the waterfall, but also a view of the Western Gate from the Stable outside the city.

10 responses to “Even More Progress

  1. Nice pics. I especially like the first picture of the town, I can’t wait to see it when the mountains are finished (texture wise) and maybe there are some flowers around etc…

    It’s nice seeing a shot of the outer wall, it’s got a perfect medieval feel to it, slightly gritty, but not depressing, just the right balance. I’d love to hear from future players what they felt/thought when they were approaching that bridge and were greeted with Anvil Nova, here’s looking forward to it. 🙂

    • I’ve already started texturing and building them mountains in the background, but it doesn’t show in the screenies yet, because I still need to do object LOD (so distant objects like buildings and rocks show up when you look at them from afar) and there’s a problem where I can’t get textures to show properly on the heightmap yet. There’s a workaround to that, but I’d rather not use it, since landscape textures will work without that workaround when the mod is converted into .esm, so I’ll wait till then.

  2. Wow, just wow. Your progress is astounding and really exciting to watch! I just cannot wait to see everything unfold. If you don’t mind, I’d like to feature your page on A Life in Skyrim, but I wanted to get your blessing before doing so. I don’t get toooo many views yet, but I’m sure whatever audience I have would love to see it!

  3. Hey, looks really good! The field might seem like a little detail, but the lack of proper fields was one thing that always struck as little odd with the stock game. I mean, surely these people need to eat something else than hunted meat too, right?

    Keep up the good work!

    • Another good deatil that’s missing is the baker. There are loads of bread loafs around, and wheat to make grain to make bread from, but where are the bakers! Or the butchers. Where are they? Oh well, Bethesda isn’t exactly making an economic simulator, but there’s something for them to think about in the next game. In my mod, there sure will be at least one baker though. Sugardaddy back in Primby needs a brother.

      • That’s just great. It is disappointing that the game world is so unbelievable, but I guess it’s more of a design choice than anything else, because I don’t think it would have been too difficult or time-consuming to add things like proper crop fields, bakeries and, in general, some of the workings of a more believable game world. I guess they were hell-bent on having a large game world, and I guess I can’t blame them because that’s always been a Bethesda trademark. That being said, for me a game like Gothic 2 with a smaller, breathing game world is way more immersive.

      • I could actually have lived with a smaller game world too, but with more variety and detail. Places like Morthal and Winterhold are just sad and it sometimes looks like they ran out of energy when creating them. Shor’s Stone is a good example of a “village” left for dead. I’d take a baker and a butcher over the opportunity to explore Shor’s Stone any day.

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