Steam Workshop

Steam Workshop has Primby Village featured on the second page of the most popular mods this week right now. That’s good. I am getting comments on the mod too, and most of them are appreciating. Especially this one:

The commentator has found something he recognizes in Primby: “Is the flag animal from harry potter? lol if it is

My reply to that comment: “Most certainly not. The Griffin, which is depicted on the flag, is an ancient mythological creature which existed in lore thousands of years before J.K. Rowling puked out Harry Bloody Potter.

I’m a modder. I’m not like the professional game-designers who have to hold their tongue. I’m allowed to do this. Good night, mod-users.

2 responses to “Steam Workshop

  1. ‘Flag animal’

    Who doesn’t know what a Griffin is…? You don’t even need to read those books (I never did) to know. =/

    • LOL Do they really think I’d paste something out of Harry Potter into my mod? I think it’s the kinda crowd that downloads the My Little Dovahkiin Pony mod. šŸ˜›

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