The First Interior

Here’s a progress screenshot of the first interior I’ve created in Anvil Nova too. It’s the great hall in the castle. Also, I have a screenie of the stable just outside the city. You can see windmills in the background.

4 responses to “The First Interior

  1. As usual I’m going to go into usual ‘Bromance’ mode, but seriously these screenshots both brought a smile to my face, they are really great, the great hall is filled with character and it is completely the sort of ‘Grand but Medieval’ type of look I was hoping for. The stable also looks very natural, a plus in my book, some might argue neat is better, but compare this to say, the stable outside Markarth, and it’s not hard to see which is the better/more realistic look.

    Not sure what magic pills you’re taking to keep producing such detailed work in such short a time…but keep doing it! 😛

    • I actually thought of the Markarth stable too. It’s a sad place, innit? Oh, and the magic pill I’m taking right now is called time. I had the day off from work yesterday and did a lot of modding, and today, my wife is in bed ill, so I can’t harass her either. I’ll be modding all weekend, doing wonderful stuff 🙂

  2. Yeah, well to be honest I’ve always thought all of Markarth is a depressing place, I did the quests there when I played, but I didn’t like spending so much time there. It’s funny because a lot of people really seem to like the look of it, but I just really hate the whole place, it’s such a downer. :/

    • I don’t like Markarth either, so, in fact, Sir, you have good taste 😀 I really don’t care for Windhelm either on the other hand. I think Markarth and Windhelm look samey. Whiterun and Solitude are really my favourites, where Whiterun wins the first prize. Those are, as we know, more traditional “real” looking cities. Skyrim is nothing like old Morrowind though, where all the cities were dramatically different in look and feel and all of them still felt believable and interesting in their own rights. Everything from the traditional medieval castles of Ebonheart to the shells of Ald-Ruhn to the mushroom-houses of Sadrith Mora.

      God, I sound like an old Morrowind elitist again, and I sound like one of those whiners who hate everything in Skyrim and love everything in Morrowind and compare to it. But this time, I’m only talking about personal tastes in small detail areas like city design. Because, Skyrim, I love you.

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